A quarantine can test the mental health of the fittest. By following these tips, you can better cope with these days of confinement and focus your thoughts on positive questions. Be positive and put your energy into achieving the challenges that you set for yourself.

For people, prolonged isolation can become a risk factor for mental health, both in the general population and in people with previous problems. To minimize the negative effects of quarantine, a good idea is to follow the self-care advice that psychologists give us, and that can make us lighter on lockdown days.

You have to try to have a positive attitude at all times, stay calm, not spread panic, and exercise responsibility while staying at home. In addition to this, we should not save on signs of support and affection towards those who suffer isolation with us.

Maintain a personal space

Being twenty-four hours with the same -or same- person / s can be too intrusive, so we have to reserve moments for our leisure and solitary entertainment. To ensure that we have a healthy and convenient coexistence, leave time and intimacy with other people, alternating with moments of closeness and affection.

In the case that we live alone, we must try to maintain contact with other people, either through the use of technology or through calls, because seeing the face of another person can mean a significant improvement in our mental state.

Take care of yourself and follow routines

Within our activities, we must leave a moment to carry out activities that we like and for which we did not find time before. We must bear in mind that if we abandon routines and dedicate ourselves to changing our daily dynamics, we will begin to have disorders of different types.

Failure to meet schedules and to fall into procrastination can lead to changes in sleep and eating habits, circumstances that will contribute to the isolation time can become problematic.

If we manage to maintain our daily dynamics and include periods of personal fulfillment in it, the isolation will probably become more bearable.